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Poolside Zeb

Zeb Atlas took the time to pose for Playgirl's online magazine and thankfully we have these nice photos of him sporting a healthy hard-on as he shows off by the pool.  Everyone may not be a fan of body builders but most can probably agree that if one's lucky enough to own a fancy house with a beautiful swimming pool, having a handsome muscular hunk hanging around it adds to the ambiance.
In contrast to the photos above, Zeb did more than just pose solo alongside a pool when he paired up with popular porn bottom Christopher Daniels for Zeb's own website.  Chris is a pro at putting dicks in his butt and equally skilled at gobbling them down his throat, and has worked with lots of top cocks in the business.  It's reported that Chris actually started in porn when Atlas was filming his movie The Boyfriend in Las Vegas in fall of 2010.  The story goes that one of Zeb's models didn't show up and he needed a replacement.  Chris said yes, and a cock-hungry porn bottom star was born that same day.  
In the Atlas flick that these sample photos are from, Christopher works well in the nicely-filmed poolside smut, complete with sunglasses. There's Chris licking Zeb's balls as Atlas towers above him, Chris sucking on the muscle man's meat as Zeb relaxes in the wicker chaise lounge, and Chris getting screwed in several positions by Zeb in the warm sunshine.  If you notice, Zeb appears to be tattooed by this time in his career.