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Pledge Watchers (Part 4)

Sean the Artist's comic-style erotic drawing skills are on full display with the slide above.  The language is also perfect for the era, with their "dig" and "scene" and "hot trip" they could easily slip into a Brady Bunch episode!  Mike clearly understands his role as sex servant as he calls his frat masters "Sir" and they clearly enjoy using him for their pleasure.
There's an old saying, that the 'proof is in the pudding' and if it's true, then Mike's face, covered in white oooey- gooey puddin' proves his skills at milking dick honey!  With their jism still dripping out of their limp cocks and down Mike's face, they come up with yet more things for Mikey to do!  Sean the Artist gives Mike an inquisitive question mark nest to his semen-sprayed head as he ponders what is coming up next for him.