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Sean's comic books worked well because of his personalized drawing style and smart story lines.  In this comic series, Sean captures the nonstop lust of a young man who has been placed in a situation that is both heaven and hell for him--he's smack in the middle of a world of attractive men that he sexually desires but can't have.  It's a straight world, and poor horny Mike's been trained all his young adult life to understand that. 

In the slide above, Mark cannot control his excitement (nor hide his uncontrollable boner).  Here he is, in this macho-sweat-infused bedroom to clean up and pick up the jock's worn clothing to launder.  Mark can't stand it and reaches for his cock to masturbate.  Just then he hears one of the men returning to his room--this room!  Mark hides quickly so the room mate won't see him in his embarrassing situation with a hard-on.  And then to Mark's surprise and delight, the room mate decides that he has time to exercise his own dick and relieve a little stress. 
"Nothin' like a hot little book along with a nice slow hand job" the room mate tells himself as he pulls off his gym shorts and takes out some smut to enjoy.  Mark secretly watches from around the corner as the object of his desire firmly grasps his big hard cock to play with.  But wait!  This isn't porn with naked ladies that he's enjoying...the little book is called "Tail Trail" and as he reads aloud we discover that the ranger in the story is giving a back-packer a blow job.  Could it be that Mark's frat house has guys just like him? Stay tuned.