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Pledge Watchers (Part 5)

To recap where our story currently stands, it seems like no good deed goes unpunished for poor Mark.  After giving his frat elders oral sex and taking two sticky loads all over his face, now it looks like Mark's mouth is about to get an even greater workout, as he is put into blow job service for all of his frat brothers living in the entire house!  With lots of young men in need of relieving their sexual energy, this is one job that may be hard to swallow even for cock hungry Mark!  Looks like all those college loans have already paid off!  These smart college guys can spell, as one of them makes up a poster reading 'THIS PLEDGE WILL JERK YOU OFF-HE IS HERE TO SERVICE YOU AS YOU WISH!" while the other young man is tying up Mark in a handy position for servicing dick efficiently assembly-line style. 

Meanwhile, across campus, a couple of other guys are wondering what's going on, as the library men's room is vacant of its usual gents looking to suck boners.  Again, age markers are all over the place in this vintage artwork, from the old fashioned-style porcelain urinals that went all the way down to the floor (without privacy panels), to the plywood-panel divided toilet stalls (without doors).  The two men manage to slip their raging hard-ons back into their jeans and follow the crowd over to the frat house where they find a line of horny hunks enjoying their turn with Mark.
How can this sordid story ever end?  We all pretty much know the answer to that question, but please stay tuned anyhow!